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Program site:

  • [Wireless] WiForce: Wireless Sensing and Localization of Contact Forces on a Space Continuum
  • [LoRa] Radio Frequency Fingerprint Identification for LoRa Using Deep Learning
  • [LoRa] Pyramid: Real-Time LoRa Collision Decoding with Peak Tracking
  • [Edge] FedServing: A Federated Prediction Serving Framework Based on Incentive Mechanism
  • [UAV] Enhanced Flooding-Based Routing Protocol for Swarm UAV Networks: Random Network Coding Meets Clustering
  • [Edge] EdgeSharing: Edge Assisted Real-time Localization and Object Sharing in Urban Streets
  • [UAV] Towards Fine-Grained Spatio-Temporal Coverage for Vehicular Urban Sensing Systems
  • [UAV] Heuristic Algorithms for Co-scheduling of Edge Analytics and Routes for UAV Fleet Missions
  • [UAV] Minimizing the Number of Deployed UAVs for Delay-bounded Data Collection of IoT Devices
  • [Edge] Distributed Threshold-based Offloading for Large-Scale Mobile Cloud Computing
  • [Edge] Tailored Learning-Based Scheduling for Kubernetes-Oriented Edge-Cloud System
  • [Edge] Layer Aware Microservice Placement and Request Scheduling at the Edge
  • [Service Cache] Joint Cache Size Scaling and Replacement Adaptation for Small Content Providers
  • [Service Cache] Robust Service Mapping in Multi-Tenant Clouds
  • [Service Cache] Reliability-aware Dynamic Service Chain Scheduling in 5G Networks based on Reinforcement Learning
  • [Service Cache] GRADES: Gradient Descent for Similarity Caching

NSDI 2021

Program site:

  • [LoRa] Simplifying Backscatter Deployment: Full-Duplex LoRa Backscatter
  • [Wireless] WiForce: Wireless Sensing and Localization of Contact Forces on a Space Continuum
  • [Edge] Staying Alive: Connection Path Reselection at the Edge
  • [Edge] When to Hedge in Interactive Services
  • [Traffic Engineering] Cost-effective Cloud Edge Traffic Engineering with Cascara
  • [System] Ownership: A Distributed Futures System for Fine-Grained Tasks
  • [Service Chaining] Don't Yank My Chain: Auditable NF Service Chaining
  • [IoT] AIRCODE: Hidden Screen-Camera Communication on an Invisible and Inaudible Dual Channel
  • [Wireless] From Conception to Retirement: a Lifetime Story of a 3-Year-Old Wireless Beacon System in the Wild
  • [System] Programming Network Stack for Middleboxes with Rubik
  • [Routing] Staying Alive: Connection Path Reselection at the Edge
  • [System] EPaxos Revisited
  • [System] Elastic Resource Sharing for Distributed Deep Learning
  • [Sketch] Toward Nearly-Zero-Error Sketching via Compressive Sensing
  • [Coding] CodedBulk: Inter-Datacenter Bulk Transfers using Network Coding
  • [Network] ATP: In-network Aggregation for Multi-tenant Learning
  • [Distributed ML] Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with In-Network Aggregation
  • [Distributed Deep Learning] Elastic Resource Sharing for Distributed Deep Learning
  • [Wireless] One Protocol to Rule Them All: Wireless Network-on-Chip using Deep Reinforcement Learning


Program site:

  • [Wireless] L2D2: low latency distributed downlink for LEO satellites
  • [Wireless] LAVA: Fine-grained 3D Indoor Wireless Coverage for Small IoT Devices
  • [SDN] Revisiting the Open vSwitch Ten Years Later
  • [Mechine Learning] Network Planning with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • [LoRa] Concurrent Interference Cancellation: Decoding Multiple Packet Collisions in LoRa

MobiCom 2021

Program site:

  • [Edge] Elf: Accelerate High-resolution Mobile Deep Vision with Content-aware Parallel Offloading
  • [IoT] Large-Scale Vehicle Trajectory Reconstruction with Camera Sensing Network
  • [IoT] HeadFi: Bringing Intelligence to All Headphones
  • [Wireless] A Community-Driven Approach to Democratize Access to Satellite Ground Stations

MobiSys 2021

Program site:

  • [Wireless] Counting a stationary crowd using off-the-shelf wifi
  • [Wireless] Accurate Ubiquitous Localization with Off-the-Shelf IEEE 802.11ac Devices

IPSN 2021

Program site:

  • [LoRa] OwLL: Accurate LoRa Localization using the TV Whitespaces
  • [LoRa] A Novel Model-Based Security Scheme for LoRa Key Generation

ICNP 2020

Program site:

  • [LoRa] AdapLoRa: Resource Adaptation for Maximizing Network Lifetime in LoRa Networks
  • [LoRa] CloakLoRa: A Covert Channel over LoRa PHY
  • [LoRa] Runtime Control of LoRa Spreading Factor for Campus Shuttle Monitoring
  • [LoRa] Long-Lived LoRa: Prolonging the Lifetime of a LoRa Network

IEEE Journals

  • [LoRa] [TII 2021] Extreme RSS Based Indoor Localization for LoRaWAN With Boundary Autocorrelation
  • [System] [TMC 2021] Predictability and Prediction of Human Mobility Based on Application-Collected Location Data
  • [Edge] [TMC 2021] Profit-Oriented Task Allocation for Mobile Crowdsensing With Worker Dynamics: Cooperative Offline Solution and Predictive Online Solution
  • [UAV] [TMC 2021] Multi-Area Throughput and Energy Optimization of UAV-Aided Cellular Networks Powered by Solar Panels and Grid
  • [UAV] [TMC 2021] Economic Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Provided Mobile Services
  • [Edge] [TMC 2021] Edge-Enabled V2X Service Placement for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • [IoT] [TMC 2021] Real-Time Detection for Drowsy Driving via Acoustic Sensing on Smartphones
  • [Edge] [TWC 2021] D2D-Assisted Multi-User Cooperative Partial Offloading, Transmission Scheduling and Computation Allocating for MEC
  • [Edge] [IoTJ 2021] D2D-Enabled Mobile-Edge Computation Offloading for Multiuser IoT Network
  • [Edge] [TVT 2020] Latency Minimization for D2D-Enabled Partial Computation Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing
  • [Edge] [TWC 2019] Mobile-Traffic-Aware Offloading for Energy- and Spectral-Efficient Large-Scale D2D-Enabled Cellular Networks
  • [Edge] [TWC 2019] D2D Communications Meet Mobile Edge Computing for Enhanced Computation Capacity in Cellular Networks
  • [Edge] [JSAC 2017] On Consideration of Content Preference and Sharing Willingness in D2D Assisted Offloading
  • [Edge] [JSAC 2016] D2D Fogging: An Energy-efficient and Incentive-aware Task Offloading Framework via Network-assisted D2D Collaboration


Program site:

  • [Edge] (How Much) Does a Private WAN Improve Cloud Performance?
  • [Wireless] A Zeroth-Order ADMM Algorithm for Stochastic Optimization over Distributed Processing Networks
  • [Edge] Towards Latency Optimization in Hybrid Service Function Chain Composition and Embedding
  • [Edge] A Fast Hybrid Data Sharing Framework for Hierarchical Mobile Edge Computing
  • [Charging Network] An Effective Multi-node Charging Scheme for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks
  • [Edge] Camel: Smart, Adaptive Energy Optimization for Mobile Web Interactions
  • [Edge] Coded Edge Computing
  • [Edge] Collaborate or Separate? Distributed Service Caching in Mobile Edge Clouds
  • [LoRa] CoLoRa: Enable Muti-Packet Reception in LoRa
  • [Edge] Computation Scheduling for Wireless Powered Mobile Edge Computing Networks
  • [Edge] Cooperative Service Caching and Workload Scheduling in Mobile Edge Computing
  • [Edge] COSE: Configuring Serverless Functions using Statistical Learning
  • [Wireless] De-anonymization of Social Networks: the Power of Collectiveness
  • [Edge] Delay-Optimal Distributed Edge Computing in Wireless Edge Networks
  • [Edge] Distributed Collaborative 3D-Deployment of UAV Base Stations for On-Demand Coverage
  • [LoRa] DyLoRa: Towards Energy Efficient Dynamic LoRa Transmission Control
  • [Edge] Elastic Network Virtualization
  • [Wireless] Global Cooperation for Heterogeneous Networks
  • [Wireless] Hop-by-Hop Multipath Routing: Choosing the Right Nexthop Set
  • [Edge] HotDedup: Managing Hot Data Storage at Network Edge through Optimal Distributed Deduplication
  • [Wireless] How to Distribute Computation in Networks
  • [Path Plan] Informative Path Planning for Mobile Sensing with Reinforcement Learning
  • [5G Wireless] Is Deadline Oblivious Scheduling Efficient for controlling real-time traffic in cellular downlink systems?
  • [Edge] Joint Optimization of Signal Design and Resource Allocation in Wireless D2D Edge Computing
  • [Edge] Latency-aware VNF Chain Deployment with Efficient Resource Reuse at Network Edge
  • [LoRa] LiteNap: Downclocking LoRa Reception
  • [Edge] Network-Aware Optimization of Distributed Learning for Fog Computing
  • [Edge] Network Slicing in Heterogeneous Software-defined RANs
  • [Edge] Offloading Dependent Tasks in Mobile Edge Computing with Service Caching
  • [Code] On the Optimal Repair-Scaling Trade-off in Locally Repairable Codes
  • [Lora] Online Concurrent Transmissions at LoRa Gateway
  • [Edge] Online Placement of Virtual Machines with Prior Data
  • [IOT] OST: On-Demand TSCH Scheduling with Traffic-awareness
  • [Edge] PAM & PAL: Policy-Aware Virtual Machine Migration and Placement in Dynamic Cloud Data Centers
  • [Charging Network] Placing Wireless Chargers with Limited Mobility
  • [Charging Network] An Effective Multi-node Charging Scheme for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks
  • [Charging Network] Maximizing Charging Utility with Obstacles through Fresnel Diffraction Model
  • [Edge] Predictive Scheduling for Virtual Reality
  • [Edge] Reducing the Service Function Chain Backup Cost over the Edge and Cloud by a Self-adapting Scheme
  • [Localization] Selection of Sensors for Efficient Transmitter Localization
  • [Video Streaming] Streaming 360◦ Videos using Super-resolution
  • [Multi-Server Systems] Tiny Tasks - A Remedy for Synchronization Constraints in Multi-Server Systems
  • [Wireless] AZTEC: Anticipatory Capacity Allocation for Zero-Touch Network Slicing
  • [Wireless] OKpi: All-KPI Network Slicing Through Efficient Resource Allocation
  • [Crowd Sensing] Energy-Efficient UAV Crowdsensing with Multiple Charging Stations by Deep Learning
  • [UAV] VFC-Based Cooperative UAV Computation Task Offloading for Post-disaster Rescue
  • [UAV] ImgSensingNet: UAV Vision Guided Aerial-Ground Air Quality Sensing System
  • [Wireless] Dynamic Mobility-Aware Interference Avoidance for Aerial Base Stations in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • [Autonomous Driving] Sensing and Communication Integrated System for Autonomous Driving Vehicles
  • [Wireless] Enhancing Cellular Performance via Vehicular-based Opportunistic Relaying and Load Balancing
  • [Edge] Fog-based Data Offloading in Urban IoT Scenarios
  • [Edge] An Integrated Top-down and Bottom-up Task Allocation Approach in Social Sensing based Edge Computing Systems
  • [Wireless] Data-Intensive Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
  • [Edge] A Scheduling Strategy for Reduced Power Consumption in Mobile Edge Computing
  • [AoI, Wireless] AoI and Throughput Tradeoffs in Routing-aware Multi-hop Wireless Networks
  • [AoI, Wireless] AoI Scheduling with Maximum Thresholds
  • [AoI, Wireless] Minimizing Age of Information in Multi-channel Time-sensitive Information Update Systems

MobiCom 2020

Program site:

  • [Edge] EagleEye: Wearable Camera-based Person Identification in Crowded Urban Spaces
  • [RFID] Renovating Road Signs for Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Networking: A Visible Light Backscatter Communication and Networking Approach
  • [Localization] Voice Localization Using Nearby Wall Reflections
  • [Android] Experience: Aging or Glitching? Why Does Android Stop Responding and What Can We Do About It?
  • [Wireless] WiChronos : Energy-Efficient Modulation for Long-Range, Large-Scale Wireless Networks
  • [Video Streaming] NEMO: Enabling Neural-enhanced Video Streaming on Commodity Mobile Devices
  • [Federated Learning] Billion-Scale Federated Learning on Mobile Clients: A Submodel Design with Tunable Privacy
  • [Wireless] SociTrack: Infrastructure-Free Interaction Tracking through Mobile Sensor Networks
  • [LPWAN] Nephalai: Towards LPWAN C-RAN with Physical Layer Compression
  • [Edge] SPINN: Synergistic Progressive Inference of Neural Networks over Device and Cloud
  • [Wireless] Microscope: Mobile Service Traffic Decomposition for Network Slicing as a Service
  • [Wireless] LMAC: Efficient Carrier-Sense Multiple Access for LoRa
  • [Wireless] Joltik: Enabling Energy-Efficient "Future-Proof" Analytics on Low-Power Wide-Area Networks
  • [Low-Power Network] Insect-scale Aerial Deployment of Wireless Sensors
  • [NB-IoT] Understanding Power Consumption of NB-IoT in the Wild: Tool and Large-scale Measurement
  • [AR] Ear-AR: Indoor Acoustic Augmented Reality on Earphones
  • [Wireless] Integrating Device, Cloud, and Client Development for IoT Applications with OneLink.
  • [Cloud] Integrating Device, Cloud, and Client Development for IoT Applications with OneLink.

SigComm 2020

Program site:

  • [Wireless] Concurrent entanglement routing for quantum networks: model and designs
  • [Wireless] Routing on Multiple Optimality Criteria
  • [Video Streaming] Server-driven video streaming for deep learning inference
  • [Video] Reducto: On camera filtering for resource-efficient real-time video analytics
  • [Edge] Fault-tolerant service function chaining
  • [Edge] Contention aware performance prediction for virtualized network functions
  • [Wireless] TACK: Improving wireless transport performance by taming acknowledgments
  • [Wireless, 5G] Beyond 5G reliable extreme mobility management
  • [Wireless, 5G] Understanding operational 5G: A first measurement study on its coverage, performance and energy consumption
  • [Wireless] Interpreting deep-learning based networking systems

NSDI 2020

Program site:

  • [Wireless] AccelTCP: Accelerating Network Applications with Stateful TCP Offloading
  • [Wireless] Contra: A Programmable System for Performance-aware Routing
  • [Wireless] Meaningful Availability
  • [Edge] Gandalf: An Intelligent, End-To-End Analytics Service for Safe Deployment in Large-Scale Cloud Infrastructure
  • [IOT] TinySDR: Low-Power SDR Platform for Over-the-Air Programmable IoT Testbeds
  • [Edge] Firecracker: Lightweight Virtualization for Serverless Applications
  • [Database] Millions of Tiny Databases
  • [Wireless] Rex: Preventing Bugs and Misconfiguration in Large Services Using Correlated Change Analysis
  • [Wireless] Check before You Change: Preventing Correlated Failures in Service Updates
  • [Wireless] Comb Decoding towards Collision-Free WiFi
  • [Wireless] AmphiLight: Direct Air-Water Communication with Laser Light
  • [Wireless] Comb Decoding towards Collision-Free WiFi
  • [Edge] Firecracker: Lightweight Virtualization for Serverless Applications
  • [Automobile] CarMap: Fast 3D Feature Map Updates for Automobiles

IPSN 2020

Program site:

  • [IOT] Distributed Slot Scheduling for QoS Guarantee over TSCH-based IoT Networks via Adaptive Parameterization.
  • [Lora] SateLoc: A Virtual Fingerprinting Approach to Outdoor LoRa Localization using Satellite Images
  • [IOT] Robust Dynamic Hand Gesture Interaction using LTE Terminals
  • [Crowd Source] Road Grade Estimation Using Crowd-sourced Smartphone Data
  • [IOT] Understanding Deep Model Compression for IoT Devices
  • [Wireless] Low-Power Wide-Area Networks: Connect, Sense and Secure
  • [Edge] Activity Classification at the Edge
  • [LPWAN] Key Generation Scheme for LPWAN IoT Devices
  • [NFV] A Heterogeneous Parallel Packet Processing Architecture for NFV Acceleration
  • [Edge] Placement and Allocation of Virtual Network Functions: Multi-dimensional Case
  • [LPWAN] Quick (and Dirty) Aggregate Queries on Low-Power WANs

ICNP 2019

Program site:

  • [Wireless] Achieving Universal Low-Power Wide-Area Networks on Existing Wireless Devices
  • [Wireless] BeaconRider: Opportunistic Sharing of Beacon Air-Time in Densely Deployed WLANs
  • [Wireless] BDAC: A Behavior-aware Dynamic Adaptive Configuration on DHCP in Wireless LANs
  • [Wireless] Exploiting Rateless Codes and Cross-Layer Optimization for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks
  • [Lora] LoRaBee: Cross-Technology Communication from LoRa to ZigBee via Payload Encoding


Program site:

  • [Edge] Joint Service Placement and Request Routing in Multi-cell Mobile Edge Computing Networks
  • [Wirelelss, IoT] CRF: Coexistent Routing and Flooding using WiFi Packets in Heterogeneous IoT Networks
  • [IoT, Charging] Charging Oriented Sensor Placement and Flexible Scheduling in Rechargeable WSN
  • [D2D] D2D Offloading for Statistical QoS Provisionings Over 5G Multimedia Mobile Wireless Networks
  • [Wireless] Interference Recycling: Exploiting Interfering Signals to Enhance Data Transmission
  • [Wireless] Enabling Cross-Technology Coexistence for Extremely Weak Wireless Devices
  • [IoT, Edge] Load Balancing for Interdependent IoT Microservices
  • [Networking, NF] Octans: Optimal Placement of Service Function Chains in Many-Core Systems
  • [Measurement, networking] Bound-based Network Tomography with Additive Metrics
  • [Link prediction, wireless] GCN-GAN: A Non-linear Temporal Link Prediction Model for Weighted Dynamic Networks
  • [IoT, wireless] EE-IoT: An Energy-Efficient IoT Communication Scheme for WLANs
  • [Loc, wireless, IoT] iLPS: Local Positioning System with Simultaneous Localization and Wireless Communication
  • [NF, networking] Hierarchical Multi-resource Fair Queueing for Network Function Virtualization
  • [Measurement, SDN] Adaptive Path Tracing with Programmable Bloom Filters in Software-Defined Networks
  • [Edge] Service Placement with Provable Guarantees in Heterogeneous Edge Computing Systems
  • [Edge, NF] Joint Placement and Allocation of Virtual Network Functions with Budget and Capacity Constraints
  • [Mobile, system] Detecting Vulnerable Android Inter-App Communication in Dynamically Loaded Code
  • [IoT] Parameter Self-Configuration and Self-Adaptation in Industrial Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks
  • [Measurement, caching] Counterintuitive Characteristics of Optimal Distributed LRU Caching Over Unreliable Channels
  • [Edge, crowdsensing] An Integrated Top-down and Bottom-up Task Allocation Approach in Social Sensing based Edge Computing Systems
  • [IoT, offloading] Fog-based Data Offloading in Urban IoT Scenarios
  • [Edge, DRL, QoE] Intelligent Edge-Assisted Crowdcast with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Personalized QoE
  • [IoT] Space-Optimal Packet Routing on Trees
  • [mmW] Smartlink: Exploiting Channel Clustering Effects for Reliable Millimeter Wave Communications
  • [UAV] PANDA: Placement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Achieving 3D Directional Coverage
  • [Video, DRL] DRL360: 360-degree Video Streaming with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • [Edge] Hetero-Edge: Orchestration of Real-time Vision Applications on Heterogeneous Edge Clouds
  • [Edge] Service Placement and Request Scheduling for Data-intensive Applications in Edge Clouds
  • [App] UnseenCode: Invisible On-screen Barcode with Image-based Extraction
  • [VLC] SynLight: Synthetic Light Emission for Fast Transmission in COTS Device-enabled VLC
  • [IoT, lifetime] Maximum Lifetime Analytics in IoT Networks
  • [Federated learning] Federated Learning over Wireless Networks: Optimization Model Design and Analysis
  • [Federated learning] A Collaborative Learning Based Approach for Parameter Configuration of Cellular Networks
  • [Edge, offloading] Joint Offloading Decision and Resource Allocation with Uncertain Task Computing Requirement
  • [Edge] Winning at the Starting Line: Joint Network Selection and Service Placement for Mobile Edge Computing
  • [Edge] Adaptive User-managed Service Placement for Mobile Edge Computing: An Online Learning Approach
  • [charging, IoT] Minimizing Charging Delay for Directional Charging in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks
  • [Wearable] WristSpy: Snooping Passcodes in Mobile Payment Using Wrist-worn Wearables
  • [App, mobile] NAuth: Secure Face-to-Face Device Authentication via Nonlinearity
  • [Blockchain] ACCEL: Accelerating the Bitcoin Blockchain for High-throughput, Low-latency Applications
  • [Networked learning] The Role of Network Topology for Distributed Machine Learning
  • [Edge] Adaptive Interference-Aware VNF Placement for Service-Customized 5G Network Slices
  • [Edge] Nomad: An Efficient Consensus Approach for Latency-Sensitive Edge-Cloud Applications
  • [Edge] A Distributed Orchestration Algorithm for Edge Computing Resources with Guarantees
  • [Charging Network] Collaborated Tasks-driven Mobile Charging and Scheduling A Near Optimal Result
  • [Charging Network] Minimizing Charging Delay for Directional Charging in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks
  • [Charging Network] Charging Oriented Sensor Placement and Flexible Scheduling in Rechargeable WSNs

MobiCom 2019

Program site:

  • [App] Software Defined Cooking using a Microwave Oven
  • [LoRa] Challenge: Unlicensed LPWANs Are Not Yet the Path to Ubiquitous Connectivity
  • [Wearable] Experience: Design, Development and Evaluation of a Wearable Device for mHealth Applications
  • [App] HealthSense: Software-defined Mobile-based Clinical Trials
  • [Wireless] On-Off Noise Power Communication
  • [System] Living IoT: A Flying Wireless Platform on Live Insects
  • [Vehicle] VeMo: Enabling Transparent Vehicular Mobility Modeling at Individual Levels with Full Penetration
  • [App] SolarGest: Ubiquitous and Battery-free Gesture Recognition using Solar Cells
  • [Mobile] Fire in Your Hands: Understanding Thermal Behavior of Smartphones
  • [App] Taprint: Secure Text Input for Commodity Smart Wearables
  • [App] Keep Others From Peeking At Your Mobile Device Screen!
  • [Edge, AR] Edge Assisted Real-time Object Detection for Mobile Augmented Reality
  • [Measurement] An Active-Passive Measurement Study of TCP Performance over LTE on High-speed Rails
  • [Mobile] Optimizing Energy Efficiency of Browsers in Energy-Aware Scheduling–enabled Mobile Devices

SigComm 2019

Program site:

  • [Networking] Gentle Flow Control: Avoiding Deadlock in Lossless Networks
  • [IoT, 5G] A Millimeter Wave Network for Billions of Things
  • [Mobile] E2E: Embracing User Heterogeneity to ImproveQuality of Experience on the Web
  • [Edge] Offloading Distributed Applications onto SmartNICs using iPipe
  • [Networking, QoE] End-to-End Transport for Video QOE Fairness
  • [VR, QoE] Pano: Optimizing 360 Video Streaming with a Better Understanding of Quality Perception
  • [Networking] On Optimal Neighbor Discovery

NSDI 2019

Program site:

  • [Networking] NetBouncer: Active Device and Link Failure Localization in Data Center Networks
  • [Networking, NF] Performance Contracts for Software Network Functions
  • [Networking, NF] Correctness and Performance for Stateful Chained Network Functions
  • [Blockchain] Monoxide: Scale out Blockchains with Asynchronous Consensus Zones
  • [Networking] Loom: Flexible and Efficient NIC Packet Scheduling
  • [Networking] Eiffel: Efficient and Flexible Software Packet Scheduling

IPSN 2019

Program site:

  • [LoRa] LongShoT: Long-Range Synchronization of Time
  • [Edge, system] Event-triggered Natural Hazard Monitoring with Convolutional Neural Networks on the Edge
  • [VR] DeltaVR: Achieving High-Performance Mobile VR Dynamics through Pixel Reuse
  • [App] TennisEye: Tennis Ball Speed Estimation using a Racket-mounted Motion Sensor
  • [LoRa] Automated Estimation of Link Quality for LoRa: A Remote Sensing Approach.
  • [Wireless] ALICE: Autonomous Link-based Cell Scheduling for TSCH
  • [App] Can a phone hear the shape of a room?
  • [Wireless] Cross-Sender Bit-Mixing Coding

MobiHoc 2019

Program site:

  • [Robot, Nav] Robot Navigation in Radio Beam Space: Leveraging Robotic Intelligence for Seamless mmWave Network Coverage
  • [Measurement] How Bad is Selfish Caching?

ICDCS 2019

Program site:!/toc/0

  • [Networking] SpeedyBox: Low-Latency NFV Service Chains with Cross-NF Runtime Consolidation
  • [Dist. learning] Falcon: Towards Computation-Parallel Deep Learning in Heterogeneous Parameter Server196
  • [Streaming] Beyond QoE: Diversity Adaption in Video Streaming at the Edge
  • [Edge] DMRA: A Decentralized Resource Allocation Scheme for Multi-SP Mobile Edge Computing
  • [Edge] Incentivizing Microservices for Online Resource Sharing in Edge Clouds
  • [Edge] A Cyclic Game for Joint Cooperation and Competition of Edge Resource Allocation
  • [Charging] Near Optimal Charging Scheduling for 3-D Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks with Energy Constraints
  • [App] HyperEar: Indoor Remote Object Finding with a Single Phone678
  • [Edge, NFV] Providing Reliability-Aware Virtualized Network Function Services for Mobile Edge Computing
  • [IoT, measurement] Understanding Energy Efficiency in IoT App Executions
  • [IoT, Federated] DÏoT: A Federated Self-learning Anomaly Detection System for IoT
  • [App, acoustic] EchoWrite: An Acoustic-based Finger Input System Without Training
  • [IoT, AdHoc] Low-Latency Concurrent Broadcast Scheduling in Duty-Cycled Multihop Wireless Networks
  • [Charging] Minimizing the Longest Charge Delay of Multiple Mobile Chargers for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks by Charging Multiple Sensors Simultaneously
  • [Edge, offload] Joint Online Edge Caching and Load Balancing for Mobile Data Offloading in 5G Networks
  • [DRL, VNF, Edge] Deep Reinforcement Learning Based VNF Management in Geo-distributed Edge Computing
  • [Blockchain, Edge] Hierarchical Edge-Cloud Computing for Mobile Blockchain Mining Game

SenSys 2018

Program site:

  • [Loc] 3D Localization for Sub-Centimeter Sized Devices
  • [Loc] Accurate 3D Localization for 60 GHz Networks
  • [App, freetouch] UbiTap: Leveraging Acoustic Dispersion for Ubiquitous Touch Interface on Solid Surfaces
  • [AR] MARVEL: Enabling Mobile Augmented Reality with Low Energy and Low Latency
  • [VM for IoT] CapeVM: A Safe and Fast Virtual Machine for Resource-Constrained Internet-of-Things Devices
  • [IoT] Passive ZigBee: Enabling ZigBee Communication in IoT networks with 1000x Less Power Consumption

CoNext 2018

Program site:!/program

  • [Measurement] Five Years at the Edge: Watching Internet from the ISP Network
  • [Sensing] Boosting fine-grained activity sensing by embracing wireless multipath effects
  • [Mobile, web] Proteus: Network-aware Web Browsing on Heterogeneous Mobile Systems

ICNP 2018

Program site:

  • [Edge] Dynamic Heterogeneity-Aware Coded Cooperative Computation at the Edge
  • [Edge, AR] DARE: Dynamic Adaptive Mobile Augmented Reality with Edge Computing
  • [NF] Virtual Network Function Deployment in Tree-structured Networks
  • [SDN, update] Hermes: Utility-aware Network Update in Software-defined WANs
  • [SDN, update, protocol] Shifter: A Consistent Multicast Routing Update Scheme in Software-Defined Networks
  • [Wireless, backscatter] Canon: Exploiting Channel Diversity for Reliable Parallel Decoding in Backscatter Communication