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Visible Light Communication--Wenliang "10:00-11:00"

[Sensys 2021] CurveLight: An Accurate and Practical Indoor Positioning System

[Sensys 2021] SpiderWeb: Enabling Through-Screen Visible Light Communication


[ICNP 2022] X-MAC: Achieving High Scalability via Imperfect-Orthogonality Aware Scheduling in LPWAN

Response to Mobility--Luwei "14:00-15:00"

[Infocom 2022] Enabling QoE Support for Interactive Applications over Mobile Edge with High User Mobility

[Infocom 2022] User Experience Oriented Task Computation for UAV-Assisted MEC System

[TMC 2022] ECHO: Efficient Zero-Control-Packet Broadcasting for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


[MobiCom21] Visage: enabling timely analytics for drone imagery

Offloading, Delivery--Wenjie "15:30-16:30"

[Infocom 2022] An Efficient Two-Layer Task Offloading Scheme for MEC Networks with Multiple Services Providers

[Infocom 2022] Two Time-Scale Joint Service Caching and Task Offloading for UAV-assisted Mobile Edge Computing

[Infocom 2022] AoDNN: An Auto-Offloading Approach to Optimize Deep Inference for Fostering Mobile Web

[TMC 2022] A Force-Directed Approach to Seeking Route Recommendation in Ride-on-Demand Service Using Multi-Source Urban Data


[Infocom 2022] IoTMosaic: Inferring User Activities from IoT Network Traffic in Smart Homes


[Infocom 2022] Kalmia: A Heterogeneous QoS-aware Scheduling Framework for DNN Tasks on Edge Servers

Video Service in Edge Networks--Cong Rong "9:00-10:00"

[SigComm 2022] NeuroScaler: neural video enhancement at scale

[Infocom 2022] FlexPatch: Fast and Accurate Object Detection for On-device High-Resolution Live Video Analytics

[Infocom 2022] DNN-Driven Compressive Offloading for Edge-Assisted Semantic Video Segmentation

[MobiHoc 2021] Task Offloading with Uncertain Processing Cycles

Edge, offloading, caching--Qingyong "10:00-11:00"

[Infocom 2022] Online File Caching in Latency-Sensitive Systems with Delayed Hits and Bypassing

[Infocom 2022] Distributed Cooperative Caching in Unreliable Edge Environments

[TMC 2022] Reverse Auction-based Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud-Edge Computing

Yuanqi "11:00-11:30"

[NSDI 2022] Ekya: Continuous Learning of Video Analytics Models on Edge Compute Servers

Wang Kun "11:30-12:00"

[Infocom 2022]Joint Resource Management and Flow Scheduling for SFC Deployment in Hybrid Edge-and-Cloud Network

Communication-Efficient Federated Learning--Jianqi "14:00-15:00"

[ICML 2022] DAdaQuant: Doubly-adaptive quantization for communication-efficient Federated Learning

[ICML 2022] QSFL: A Two-Level Uplink Communication Optimization Framework for Federated Learning

[INFOCOM 2022] Optimal Rate Adaption in Federated Learning with Compressed Communications

Crowdsensing--Xianyang "15:00-16:00"

[INFOCOM 2022] Learning for Crowdsourcing: Online Dispatch for Video Analytics with Guarantee

[INFOCOM 2022] Worker Selection Towards Data Completion for Online Sparse Crowdsensing

[IoTJ] Nondeterministic Mobility based Incentive Mechanism for Efficient Data Collection in Crowdsensing


[SIGCOMM 2022] From Luna to Solar: The Evolutions of the Compute-to-Storage Networks in Alibaba Cloud