Tutorial: Grammarly

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This page list the steps that need to be done before using Grammarly for proofreading.

Use one column paper

add onecolumn to the documentclass line and compile pdf. E.g.,


Converting PDF to Word

Open the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat: File -> Export -> MS Word -> Word Document

Removing Convertion Errors

We need several procedures to be done before running Grammarly, to avoid too many false error reports.

  1. Ctrl+H
  2. Replace ' ' as ' ' (multiple spaces -> single spaces, replace multiple times till nothing can be replaced)
  3. Replace '-^p' as '- ' (there's a space after '-')
  4. Replace '(?)- (?)' as '\1\2' (1. there's a space after '-'; 2. need to check the wildcard-通配符 box)

Now most remaining errors should be grammar-related.

Run Grammarly

You can either use the app or word plugin. The latter is recommended.