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Former members

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  • PhD 2015-2019,Murrira Lawrence Mwenda, Dean of Department of Computer Science, KeMU
  • PhD 2016-2021,Chang Shu, Associate Professor at School of Computer Science, CAFUC
  • PhD 2016-2021,Weifeng Gao, Senior Engineer, Huawei
  • MS 2019-2022,刘长胜,阿里
  • MS 2019-2022,王晓松,阿里
  • MS 2019-2022,冯思林,腾讯
  • MS 2019-2022,莫继为,阿里
  • MS 2018-2021,杨轩,美团
  • MS 2018-2021,李经纬,滴滴(Special offer)
  • MS 2018-2021,江雨虹,PhD candidate @University of Exeter, UK (Full scholarship)
  • MS 2018-2021,杨安琪,滴滴
  • MS 2017-2020,杨明航,字节跳动
  • MS 2017-2020,陈烁炜,腾讯(Super Special Offer, Congrats!)
  • MS 2017-2020,黄新源,农行(四川省总行)
  • MS 2017-2020,杨璐齐(非全日制),中兴通讯(深圳)
  • MS 2016-2019,赵子斐,阿里(蚂蚁金服)
  • MS 2016-2019,庞瑶瑶,腾讯(Special offer)
  • MS 2016-2019,方予懿,华为
  • MS 2016-2019,王哲,PhD candidate @University of Exeter, UK
  • MS 2016-2019,张云桐,PhD candidate @University of Texas at San Antonio, US
  • MS 2015-2018,王梓,电子科大校级优秀毕业生、计算机学院优秀硕士论文(学院前2.1%, 8/370),PhD candidate @University of Exeter, UK (World's Top100 Universities, Times)
  • MS 2015-2018,陈飞羽,计算机学院优秀硕士论文(学院前2.1%, 8/370),滴滴>>阿里
  • MS 2015-2018,李维旺,字节跳动(今日头条)